Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A new ride

A few months ago, Joshua's physical therapist with Help Me Grow filed an application with AmTryke for an adaptive tricycle for Joshua. A week ago I got the call that it was ready and today his physical therapist came by the house to drop it off.

Joshua LOVES it. It took him less than two seconds to figure out how to use it and I have a strong suspicion that he would've been content to sleep on it tonight had we not gotten him off!

We are so thrilled to have this bike and would like to extend a HUGE thank you to Ambucs, our local chapter, Greenebucs, and all of those who donate to this organization and make it possible for our special kids to have a set of wheels too!

Anxious to try out his new ride

"You want me to WHAT!? Get off?? NO WAY!"

In other news, Evan had his second post operative follow up two weeks ago. His legs are doing wonderfully, despite some headaches with his braces (let's just say that, after being in casts off and on for an entire year, the skin on his feet is very thin and isn't tolerating the constant pressure from the braces very well). I made the trip to Philadelphia with all 5 kids in tow and we had a great time. Since Joshua was along for the ride, he and Evan were both able to be screened for wheelchairs. They will have the official evaluations at the end of June and hopefully we will have some chairs for them later this year. Joshua will be getting a manual chair that is low to the ground so that he can get in and out easily on his own. The purpose of his chair is to give him more independence when we are out and about so that he is able to be up off the ground without exhausting himself (the walker is fantastic, but it only takes about 5 minutes to completely wear him out). We are hoping to get Evan into a power chair so that he can be independently mobile while we are working on getting him up on his feet. Having a power chair is going to open up a whole new world to him and we are excited to get him in it!

Exciting things are happening for my amazing little boys! It is such an incredible thing to watch them soar!


Marc, Julia & Cole said...

This is fantastic! That's so great that he was able to receive such a special bike:)

Stacey Kirchner said...

Oh my word he is so cute!!! LOVE the bike!

MBusse said...

Way to go, Joshua!

I also think it's adorable that the kitty wants to accompany him. ;-)

mom 2 many said...

My son got a hand propelled tryke from them, too!! Our insurance paid for it, though.
It will be great for the boys to have chairs....the independence is nice!!

first lady said...

soo how are evan and josh doing? is evan putting weight on his legs? please update me ... i miss talking you and seeing how the boys are doing with the their therapy and what nots~ has evan starting school and the twin in preschool again? sorry for all the questions miss ya ~ love ya

smctiver said...

What an amazing group of children you have!!!